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If you are working or aspiring to become a securities sales agent, an investment representative, a broker or another professional within the securities industry, then you will most likely need to become licensed through FINRA – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. These these types of licenses were formally administered by NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers); FINRA was formed in 2007 when NASD merged with the New York Stock Exchanges’ regulatory operations. FINRA offers a variety of licenses, depending on the financial professional’s scope of practice. The first thing you should know as part of your Guide to FINRA Licensing [...]

Now more than ever, individuals, state & local governments, small businesses, and large corporations need educated business & finance professionals to plan for the future. A finance degree prepares future professionals to guide individuals, corporations, government agencies and other firms or organizations through financial struggles and uncertainty but also with short term and long term planning responsibilities. Finance majors complete a balance of theoretical and practical courses in a myriad of areas including business development, economics, organizational management, marketing, risk management, accounting, investments, supply chain, statistics and IT. If you choose to complete a finance degree in 2023, know that [...]

In Newsweek’s fourth annual Green Rankings report, Brazil’s financial-banking company Santander Brasil, India’s IT company Wipro and Brazil’s financial-banking company Bradesco were the top three environmentally-friendly companies in the world. Newsweek ranked IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Sprint Nextel as the three greenest companies in the U.S. for that same year (IBM also ranked fourth globally). In an October 2012 Newsweek article introducing the rankings, author Ian Yarrett comments on how politicians seemed less concerned about environmental issues compared to previous years, but that major businesses were still valuing the relationship between finance and sustainability. “Just look at Walmart, the biggest company [...]